What is eBeatz?

We’ve got some history and explanation on our About page!

Why eBeatz?

EBeatz was built with creators in mind. We are the premium place to license music for your channels because we have strong backgrounds in the creative space. We have an amazing team who strives to grow this platform with the feedback you provide, and we intend to deliver the ultimate experience for our users.

What does it do?

EBeatz provides a growing library of music licensed to you through our Premium subscription that enables you to monetize your content it is used in on YouTube and Twitch. Learn more here.

Just YouTube and Twitch?

As of right now our license is only good for YouTube and Twitch platforms, as we grow these will expand. We take any and all suggestions you may have into consideration for future versions of eBeatz. Contact us here.

How long does it take to whitelist me?

Once you sign up for eBeatz Premium you should allow 24 hours before uploading a video or streaming with an eBeatz song. It shouldn’t take this long, but sometimes this process does take a full day.

Where does the music come from?

EBeatz has in-house producers with Grammy and Oscar award-winning backgrounds dedicating these tracks to eBeatz’ library. This music was created for eBeatz and only eBeatz, that’s part of what makes us special.

I can monetize videos and streams with this music?

You sure can! Once you’ve become an eBeatz Premium subscriber you have access to our library for your content.

How much does it cost?

The eBeatz Premium subscription is $29.99 a month. Creating an account is free and does not require a credit card.

What happens if my subscription stops?

If you go a full month (30 days) without paying or re-subscribing– your channel will be removed from the whitelist and Content-ID claims may show up on your videos to collect publishing rights revenue, this is not your full ad revenue but a portion dedicated for music publishing. However, if a payment fails or you want to use a new card, you can change at any time.

Can I be striked for canceling my subscription?

No we do not issue strikes! Your videos and streams will remain on your channel(s) unharmed. You may see Content ID claims which takes the publishing rights ad revenue since you no longer are licensing the music. You can re-subscribe at anytime to regain your monetization privileges.

My video / stream was claimed but I am a premium member?

We have processes that search the web for our music and claim it when it is not properly licensed. First check that;

A. You have the right channels in your dashboard whitelisted

B. Your subscription is active

If both of these check out, then this happened in error so please contact us for solution. We take this issue VERY seriously.

What am I agreeing to?

You can read our Terms of Service, Licensing Agreement, and Privacy Policy by clicking their names.

My question isn't here.

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