EBeatz is a music licensing platform designed for content creators with a backbone in esports.

We want to give you real music, produced and mastered by award-winning legends to use in your videos, streams, and creations. As we grow and evolve, the creator is always first in mind, eBeatz was created for you.

The idea came from a content creator himself, who like everyone else had to shuffle the same songs everybody uses to not be hit with copyright claims, with that problem we began developing a better solution and one you’d be stoked to use.

EBeatz is filled with beats and tracks specifically produced for creators; whether for an intro to your video, the background song in your vlog, or the tracks playing while you game. You’ll find something for just about anything you could need, and it doesn’t stop there.


What do we do?

EBeatz is a music licensing platform. Our Premium Subscription enables you to use our music catalog in your content that you produce, and monetize that content. We produce or purchase the rights to the music in our catalog, giving you peace of mind when you use it. Our platform communicates with Twitch and YouTube’s ContentID systems to verify and protect our users and the integrity of their subscriptions. With eBeatz Premium you can stream the music on eBeatz or download it to be used in your video content. Any questions? Check out our Help Page.

Why us?

Our main focus is our creators, whether you’re an artist making music for us or a content creator who uses that music, our transparency and infrastructure was built around the needs of you. We are actively improving our methods and products to maximize your satisfaction, hopefully you’ll notice that right away. We’re the company you want to be associated with you and your brand because we share the same DNA.

Go checkout the site, ask some questions, and make some amazing content that the world is dying to see.