About Ebeatz

we are a music licensing platform
built for content creators

eBeatz is filled with beats and tracks specifically produced for creators; whether for an intro to your video, the background song in your vlog, or the tracks playing while you game. You’ll find something for just about anything you could need, and it doesn’t stop there.

Our Premium Subscription enables you to use our music catalog in your content that you produce, and monetize that content. We produce or purchase the rights to the music in our catalog, giving you peace of mind when you use it, protecting you from DMCA and other copyright claims. With eBeatz Premium you can stream the music on eBeatz for your live form content or download it to be used in your video (VOD) content. Any questions? Check out our Help Page.

eBeatz for Business allows us to go deeper and build creative solutions to enhance your brand. Find out more by contacting us.

Meet The Team

Bringing Grammy and Academy award winning talent
to the world of content creators

Jeff Bass has taken on a new project, eBeatz Music: with Co-Founder Hudson Wisler ( @HudsonWisler ), that has been built around a catalog he designed, produced, and hand picked new artists for. Breaking into new territories, Jeff is once again setting the precedent for how music should be shared and where it can be played.

eBeatz Music is a platform that was built for online content creators, who stream and upload content to sites like YouTube and Twitch. Those creators need better access to real music, and that’s where eBeatz comes in.

eBeatz is setting the standard for these rapidly growing industries, partnering with the Esports Awards, Movember Foundation, Esports Stadium in Arlington, TX and some incredible creators to push the boundaries of this new frontier.

Looking forward, Jeff and the eBeatz team are building out this platform to take on new artists, partner with organizations and content creators, and grow eBeatz to be a global brand in music licensing.

Hudson Wisler
Jeff Bass
Julie Bass